• Welcome to Cover 2
  • Welcome to Hardy Nickerson Cover 2


    Welcome football coaches, players, students and enthusiasts (and all you Monday morning armchair analysts!) to Hardy Nickerson Cover 2!

    After years of talking and discussing football with friends and colleagues, I've decided to create a think-tank type platform where football coaches, players, and enthusiasts can convene to "talk ball" and discuss topics surrounding the game that millions of Americans and increasing number of people around the world love.

    As one of the original architects of the famed 'Tampa 2' defense, I believe it is fitting to begin with guess what?? That's right! Cover 2! To be perfectly honest, this is just a simple 2 deep, 5 underneath zone coverage where the middle linebacker runs down the middle of the field ... but ... if executed properly, Cover 2 gives QBs, offensive coordinators and coaches serious fits!


    The Cover 2 Mission


    The mission of Hardy Nickerson Cover 2 is primarily to teach defensive football and address defensive issues that emerge versus today's offenses. I hope to share my deep knowledge and extensive experience to present defensive solutions to various schemes and prevalent philosophies. Hardy Nickerson Cover 2 will also provide opportunities for questions and deeper analysis of specific game-related topics, as well as inputs regarding scheme design, game planning and practice planning to get the most out of your defensive unit on game day.


    Perception vs. Reality



    For many football coaches and fans, the perception of Cover 2 vs. Spread Offense is

    • It's outdated

    • It's susceptible to the Cover 2 Beaters (Vertical Game and Seam Routes)

    • It's often not considered to be a good defensive scheme vs the run game



    The reality is that Cover 2 (vs Spread Offense) is actually a reliable defense. Why?

    • Cover 2 allows players to play with vision on the ball at all times in the passing game

    • Against the run game what looks like an undermanned box can actually be a strength by getting the safeties involved at the point of attack

    • It's also ideal versus Spread Tempo offenses because the techniques and responsibilities are interchangeable

    • It's easy to get aligned and play ball!


    Let's Go!!

    In this interactive, online digital clinic, Hardy Nickerson Cover 2 will be covering two important components of defensive football

    1. Defending the run game, and

    2. Defending the pass game. We will discuss what all that means in the clinics!

    Join me on Hardy Nickerson Cover 2 webinar series and get more nuggets on how to dominate your next opponent!

    You won't be sorry.

    (What do you think? Write me in the form below and tell me what you think.)

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